Character Analysis Essay Lesson Before Dying

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English Language Arts Academic Content Standards Reading Applications/Literary Text Glossary Term Definition Chronological An organizational structure of text in which events are placed in the order in which they occur.

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) Colloquialism An expression or use of language that is appropriate in informal situations but not in formal ones or an expression that may be considered old-fashioned or folksy, such as “Aw, shucks.

” Dialect A form of language as it is spoken in a particular geographic area or by a particular social or ethnic group.

This work is aligned with the Grade 10 English Academic Standards and Indicators that will be addressed in class the first nine weeks of English II AICE.

These assignments will give you a jump start on thinking about the literary elements and terms with which you need to be familiar to complete this year’s advanced work.

The novels are provided for your use in the BHS Media Center.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY THE BOOK; however, copies are available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon.Flat Character A character with only one outstanding trait or feature.Foreshadowing The technique of giving clues to upcoming events in a narrative.Imagery Words of phrases that create vivid sensory experiences for the reader.Irony The recognition of the difference between reality and appearance; includes situational irony in which there is a contrast between what is intended or expected and what actually occurs; verbal irony in which there is a contrast between what is said and what is actually meant; and dramatic irony in which words or actions are understood by the audience but not by the characters.After the police found Jefferson at the liquor store with the dead bodies all around, he was of course taken to trial and the times being what they were, he was convicted with very little doubt that he would be found innocent.Miss Emma, his godmother was afraid that he would die a hog and have lived a meaningless life.In fact, there probably would have not even been a book because in the modern day, and honest and just jury would have found him innocent due to the lack of evidence. Wiggins was in regarding money, but he could not have been too well off because he needed to borrow money to purchase a radio for Jefferson, and he commented about the Rainbow Cafe: “When I was broke, I could always get a meal and pay later, and the same went for the bar.” I suppose he had enough money to get by, but not much extra. He went to visit Jefferson because Miss Emma and his Aunt more or less forced him to do it.As the book progresses he probably had less money to work with due to the money he was spending to buy the radio, comic books, and other items for Jefferson. Wiggins seemed to be well respected by the community, and he felt superior to other African Americans because he was far more educated than they were. Wiggins guilty of not practicing what he preaches, although Jefferson probably made it clearer to him that the less intelligent are still humans with feelings. He really had no motivation except that he would be shunned by his Aunt if he did not comply. Wiggins’ development and the plot of this story both spawn from the crimes of two characters with no other relevance to the story.Wiggins, Miss Emma finally got to see someone stand for her, Tante Lou learned that she had a decent nephew after all, and Jefferson got off of his four legs and stood. English II AICE Summer Reading Assignment A Lesson Before Dying Hiroshima Ender’s Game As an AICE student, you are required to complete the summer reading assignments for English II AICE.


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