Child Soldiers In Uganda Essay

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Customary marriages or informal marriages, where a girl lives with an older man, are more common than registered civil or religious marriages.11% of currently married 15-19 year old girls are married to men who have more than one wife.( The United Nations does not do an adequate job of enforcing human rights laws and prosecuting their violators.

However, governments will not usually get involved in other country’s affairs unless there is an outcry from its citizens who pressure them to take action.

Aid and awareness of the two issues mentioned above were spread throughout the world because of actions that citizens of various states took up with their government.

If we can look at the world in a Constructivist view, the sharing of ideas and sharing of happenings in different countries can only help bring issues of human rights abuses to light, and put pressures on a government to take an action that might have not been considered previously.

“When citizens by the hundreds of thousands start demanding that our government do something, suddenly it becomes in the national interest of the United States government to respond to this problem”.

For nearly two decades, Northern Uganda has been ravaged by conflict.

Thousands of civilians have been subject to brutal attacks, rape, torture, extra-judicial execution and destruction of homes and communities ( "KONY 2012 | Invisible Children." Invisible Children “ Home | Invisible Children.

“It was the first time in history that the United States took that kind of action because the people demanded it.

Not for self-defense, but because it was right”(

The issue of human rights violations has been prominent in many societies and states for centuries.

Uganda, in particular, has faced both national and international backlash over their multiple human rights abuses over the years.


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