Chrysalids Essay Questions And Answers

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They aspired greedily, and then refused to face the responsibilities they had created. It would have been kinder than this...'She sat without a sound. The man with his arm linked in the woman's, the small figure on top of the pack-horse waving back to me as they disappeared into the trees.

They created vast problems, and then buried their heads in the sands of idle faith.” ― “In my experience,’ he told me, ‘if you run away from a thing just because you don’t like it you don’t know what you find either. The tears squeezed out from under the closed lids and ran down her face. Myself desolate, a kiss still damp on mycheek, a lock tied with a yellow ribbon in my hand.

These themes represent author's views on many different aspects.

Many authors use reflective themes to express their opinion on an ongoing event.

Why doesn't the author give you this information in a straight forward manner, and instead lets in come out, during David's talk with Sophie?

The climate of labrador is mainly warm out, and only 2 months of the year cold, as opposed to how it was originally in which it was cold all the time.

When the minds have learnt to mingle, when no thought is wholly one's own, and each has taken too much of the other ever to be entirely himself alone; when one has reached the beginning of seeing with a single eye, loving with a single heart, enjoying with a single joy; when there can be moments of identity and nothing is separate save bodies that long for one another ... There is only the inadequacy of the word that exists.'We love one another,' I said.” ― “I shall pray to God to send charity to this hideous world, and sympathy for the weak, and love for the unhappy and unfortunate.

Words exist that can, used by a poet, achieve a dim monochrome of the body's love, but beyond that they fail clumsily. the more complex they made their world, the less capable they were of dealing with it. They learnt to co-operate constructively in small units; but only destructively in large units.

spellt- An old kind of wheat (Triticum spelta) with bearded ears and spikelets that each contain two narrow grains, not widely grown but favored..

dissemble-Conceal one's true motives, feelings, or beliefs.


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