College Essay Quotes

The best essays often open with a hook, an idea that draws the reader in and generates interest about the topic.

An appropriate quotation, properly connected to your topic and cited, makes a strong hook for a college essay.

And if they have even the slightest suspicion, the answer will always be just a Google search away.

Just as a good movie, novel or advertisement with a catchy start makes you want to continue watching or reading, good essays grab the audience's attention at the beginning.

Don’t copy-paste the first available saying from a motivational quote website.

College Essay Quotes

Numbers and facts are powerful essay hooks because they demonstrate your awareness on the subject.A perfect hook would be taking a common fact and demonstrating its false in relation to you.Needless to say, they will be willing to continue reading your essay to find out the details. A literary quote would be a perfect hook for your application essay, while quoting influencers helps to support an argument you represent in your paper. Some teachers consider this type of essay hooks too cliche and overused.But while enticing and intriguing are good, bewildering and unintelligible are not.You might think you’ve read or heard the perfect opening someplace else—a book of sample essays, a speech, a line in your favorite movie, etc.They discourage essays started or finished with words of influencers, not students themselves.So, if you decide to use such hook, find a rare yet relevant quote.That is why, if you decide to use a question as a hook, make sure to come up with the one engaging critical thinking rather than simple yes-or-no answers.Your essay should provide admission officers with new information.A college application essay is not about your grades and scores, but your personality and who you are beyond school activities. Drawing attention to your writing, as well as making officers read it, should be your #1 priority. Similes or metaphors in the introduction would signal that you are a great author whose works are interesting to read.Certainly, any stylistic devices you use should be relevant and This hook doesn’t fit all academic papers, but don’t be afraid of implementing it in your personal application essay.


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