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Assistant Director of Admissions, Lees-Mc Rae College Riley is a dog lover and admissions specialist at Lees-Mc Rae College, a pet-centric school in Banner Elk, North Carolina.She is passionate about meeting new students and helping them achieve their goals.

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Studies have shown that pets can increase people’s levels of oxytocin, a hormone that reduces anxiety and lowers blood pressure, by 300 percent.

A 2016 survey conducted by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) found that 62 percent of millennials have experienced mental health improvements from having pets.

“[Pets] can really help break the ice in certain situations, whether it’s connecting with your professors or making new friends, because who doesn’t love cute animals?

” They encourage exercise Students who have pets that need regular exercise, like dogs, may find that they also benefit from the extra time outside.

According to the ASCPA, just the first-year total costs for caring for a cat can add up to $1,174, while a medium-sized dog may cost up to $1,779.

With an average lifespan of around 16 years, that means caring for a cat could add up to over ,000 over its lifetime – more without pet insurance.They give a mental health boost Animals can also have positive effects on students’ mental health.According to a 2017 report by the American College Health Association, college students report high rates of stress, loneliness, anxiety and depression.Shelley is enthusiastic about helping students navigate college and life after graduation, and she continues providing tips and advice to students of all ages. They’re lonely or stressed or miss their family pets.Or maybe they’ve never had pets of their own before but have always wanted them.“Depending on breed, they may love joining you for a run,” says Julia Rohan, owner of Chicago-based Rover-Time Dog Walking & Pet Sitting.“At the very least, you're responsible for getting them out and about for three to five good walks per day.” That’s a lot of opportunity for students to get fit with their furry companions.Animals need play time, exercise, food and attention, whether students are busy or not, and the stress of pet parenthood can sometimes replace the stresses they were meant to relieve in the first place.They limit where you can live Although some schools, like Lees-Mc Rae College, have pet-friendly residence halls and encourage pet ownership on campus, most dorms don’t allow or limit pet ownership.She's a pet industry entrepreneur, a dog mom to Chauncey and, as one of the biggest dog fans out there, she's pretty optimistic that Rover-Time should walk your dog.Rohan created Rover-Time in 2012 because she also loves working with pet parents.


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