College Pressures Essay

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The point, however, is that the pressures faced by students pale in comparison to those faced by colonial administrators and law enforcement officials tasked with controlling hostile nations chafing under foreign occupation.

Failing a class or even dropping out of college is certainly unfortunate, but the pressures felt by Orwell’s narrator – the author himself, who had served as a colonial police officer in occupied-Burma during the 1920s – involved far more serious ramifications, both for himself and for the people he was tasked as overseeing.

I'm writing a midterm paper for my college reading class.

This is what I have so far: Thesis: The pressures we face as young adults, either academically or in the workforce can lead us to do things we don’t want to do.

Look no further than the 2015 suicide cluster at Palo Alto High School, one of the most prestigious (and pressured-filled) high schools in America.

In a New York Times article on the cluster, Stanford education expert Denise Pope attributed the catastrophe to intense pressure for “only the best” in grades, test scores, and colleges.

Zinnser’s response, however, is to urge these and other students to keep their problems in the proper perspective, and to restrain the impulse to demand success before they have even entered the professional world.

Life, he suggests, is full of obstacles and challenges and that the sense of predestination expected of many students is forcing them to destroy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I encourage more teachers to urge students to write about the challenges facing schools and communities today.

By Shawn Zhu When the news of the suicide of a senior class member recently broke, my school went into a state of shock.


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