Colleges With Creative Writing Undergraduate Majors

Colleges With Creative Writing Undergraduate Majors-86
Finally, the middle years are the time to wipe out any lingering general education classes, as you'll want them out of your hair in the even more writing intensive senior year.Once international students reach the senior year of their undergraduate degree in creative writing, they'll see almost exclusively advanced creative writing classes. As far as writing-oriented programs of study go, its practicality is unprecedented in today’s media landscape. Cambridge, Massachusetts, just across the Charles River from Boston proper. “Writing for Video Games,” “Digital Poetry,” “Science Writing and New Media,” all of which fit the bill for tech-themed writing courses.

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That’s why I’ve written a list of the 10 best colleges for creative writers (i.e., the best programs), based on my own highly idiosyncratic metrics: accomplished professors, famous alumni, environments conducive to writing, bizarre course selections, and, best of all, any random facts that might add to the writerly collegiate experience. One of a handful of schools to offer a Creative Writing major, Emory was recently named America’s best college for aspiring writers by . Atlanta, Georgia, also home to Ludacris, the wordsmith responsible for such poetic firestorms as “Now tell me who’s your housekeeper / and what you keep in your house? Salman Rushdie joined Emory’s faculty in 2007, and in the same year the university also acquired his extensive archive, which includes the private journal he used to chronicle life under the fatwa. “Fictions of Human Desire,” for the Tinder generation; “Surviving America,” for the zombie apocalypse; “Nonhumans,” for aliens; “Criticism,” for critics.

There goes your “I literally can’t even with this noise” excuse. Simultaneously the country’s fourth-most wired college—no, not , as in technologically connected—and one of its most literary, Hamilton has a Creative Writing major and a renowned writing center. Clinton, New York, a quaint village within walking distance of the original half-moon cookie (invented at Hemstrought’s Bakery) and driving distance of four ski resorts and the Adirondacks. Alumni include Nat Faxon, an actor and screenwriter who won an Academy Award for , and Ezra Pound, a seminal figure in early modernist poetry. “Adirondack Literature,” for dudes kayaking; “Dream/Life,” for dudes who don’t wake up in time to get to class; “Family Matters,” for dudes who know the class is different than the TV show. Hamilton has an open curriculum, so beyond passing a swim test and three gym classes, you can almost take whatever you want. Despite being so well known for the sciences that going there is, in most people’s minds, equivalent to wanting to become a doctor, JHU also offers a prestigious, uniquely titled major: The Writing Seminars. Baltimore, Maryland, sometimes referred to as Bodymore, Murderland. NYU students can also obtain academic credit for internships at literary agencies, publishing houses, and more. A quirky, artsy, intellectual haven of socially, politically, and environmentally conscious students, Oberlin offers a Creative Writing major. Thirty-five miles southwest of Cleveland on a rural 440-acre campus surrounded by farmland. When surrounded by cows and rolling hills, what else is there to do but write? Mark Boal (screenwriter of magazine), Gary Shteyngart, and Lena Dunham are alumni. “The Writer in the World,” or in a small, poorly lit apartment in Brooklyn; “Form and Flexibility,” quite possibly also a ballet class; and “Hopeful Monsters: (Mixed-)Media Studies,” which isn’t a joke and just confuses me. The Science Center atrium, apparently a good place to write, may or may not smell like monkeys. The Ivy League school with arguably the country’s best creative writing program and the worst marching-band uniforms. Princeton, New Jersey, a preppy, wealthy suburb equidistant from New York City and Philadelphia. ” Princeton’s professors include Jeffrey Eugenides, Joyce Carol Oates, and John Mc Phee, a pioneer of the genre of creative nonfiction. Scott Fitzgerald, Eugene O’Neill, David Remnick, Jodi Picoult, Walter Kirn, and Jonathan Safran Foer among its graduates. And poetry professor Jeffrey Mc Daniel once moved half the contents of the campus bookstore to the roof of the Mac Cracken residence hall.

It's also a great choice for students who want to creatively produce something in their time in college rather than just sit in classes and lectures.

So get ready to get creative, and tackle a creative writing major today!

Also, don't fret if you find yourself spending most of your class time getting rid of your school's general education requirements – better to take them now than in later years when your writing load will become more intense.

The creative writing major tends to vary more between programs in the middle years, when international students will get more practical creative writing experience and begin to concentrate their classwork on their chosen sector of creative writing.

And while branching out and learning multiple types of creative writing is great in the first few years of a creative writing major, by your senior year it's time to pick your specialty and learn as much about it as possible for the sake of your future career.

The vast majority of creative writing majors require some form of a final portfolio, which could range from one significant work of a chosen type to a wider array of small projects demonstrating your mastery of the many facets of creative writing.

Students will start to take second- and even third-level courses in their actual creative writing classes (Intermediate Poetry, Fiction Writing II, etc.) and, to a lesser extent, still see those lecture hall based, foundational knowledge courses pop up with more specific topics like American Literature or genre-specific writing.

Rearing its head for the first time (at least for most programs) will also be some sort of course on the business side of creative writing, focusing on how to market yourself and best approach your writing career in your writing type of choice.


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