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These prompts ask you to think broadly about your life experience as well as provide specific examples of how these experiences affected your interests and propelled you toward a particular area of study.

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As you prepare to respond to the supplemental questions, consider the overall character and focus of the school in relationship to your personal objectives.

Begin with a visit to the school website, read about their educational mission, and think about how the school supports your interests.

In addition to essay responses, Columbia requests a number of lists.

As you select required readings, books, and other forms of media, think about the breadth and depth of your interests.

You need to demonstrate you did your research and convince the admissions committee that Columbia is the best school to help you meet your goals. If you didn’t mention it earlier, is the vibrant relationship between the university and the city significant to you?

You also have to show them how you can enrich the dynamic educational environment at Columbia. Discuss what excites you most about the Columbia experience.

The admissions committee wants to know the kinds of topics you find interesting.

What better way than to share your favorite recent books?

They are trying to gain a deeper sense of who you are and how you might fit in at Columbia.

This list sheds some light on how you spend your spare time and what you might find engaging.


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