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However, examples from politics, both past and present, prove that even seemingly unproductive actions can yield valuable results.The introduction is clear and direct, as it should be.

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But then, and very importantly, it also describes WHY the "unsuccessful action" that Woodrow Wilson took was worthwhile: it provided a template for the current United Nations.

All the sentences in the paragraph help support the topic sentence. [2nd Body Paragraph] Not only can unsuccessful actions bear fruit later, they can also be worthwhile at the time.

First of all, the writer has taken a risk by writing about a controversial topic.

It might have been safer to stick with a more neutral topic, and in your own writing you should be very careful not to offend your readers or present ideas that your readers might strongly disagree with.

Note how all the sentences support the topic sentence.

There are a few important things you should pay attention to in this particular paragraph.

Since Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations is a political example of a failure that was worthwhile, it does in fact connect well with the thesis.

The paragraph goes on to give a short description of what the League of Nations is, and why it failed.

But this paragraph not only relates to the thesis - it also relates to the original writing prompt. For example, recently the United States waged war on Iraq in order to find weapons of mass destruction.

Months afterward, inspectors have yet to find these weapons that Saddam Hussein had supposedly been hiding, and in that respect the war was a failure.


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