Compare And Contrast Online Classes With Traditional Classes Essay

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Nonetheless, this can only be achieved by ensuring commitment by all the partners, and increasing the amount of capital remitted to the commercial banks by the central government so as to increase the financial and capital base of the banks.

In traditional courses, there is obviously face-to-face interaction, but there can also be face-to-face interaction in online courses, too.

Students can chat with each other via Skype so that they can watch each other on the computer screen while talking to each other. a Traditional Course In online settings, there are risks that: students are not necessarily held accountable for not turning in their work; there is no personal connection to a teacher who is never seen; and there is not a personal, face-to-face interaction with the other students in real time.

The creation of online education has increased the demand for this kind of education and due to this several well renowned educational institutes are now offering online classes.

According to Parker, around 77% of.....participate class discussions and chats with more ease than face to face learning courses.

Students are still accountable to a teacher or professor when taking an online class. For example, the professor or teacher may chat with the student via Pronto, and assignments can be assigned via Blackboard or Moodle.

These are just different ways of communicating rather than writing something on the board, but the intended message is the same: student-teacher involvement can still be tapped to the maximum level possible through a variety of media, including email.

Compared with an online course, a course taken in a classroom with a teacher requires more complex interaction including but not limited to verbal communications.

At some point, non-verbal communication could somehow add to the quality of learning.

For example, in the actual setting, learning in a classroom provides ample......?

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