Computer Science Thesis Related Work

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The dissertation should be written for a technically competent reader who is not necessarily familiar with the particular aspects of Computer Science involved.

The main body of the dissertation, running from the first page of the introduction until the last page of the conclusions, shall not exceed 40 pages nor exceed 12,000 words in length. Once uploaded onto Moodle, your work will be checked by Examiners and Assessors are permitted to judge your work only through study of your dissertation, although they will require your original source code to be available for them to refer to in cases where clarification is needed.

The Proforma must be arranged thus: (no direct direct personal identifiers should be used here or in the following main body of the dissertation.) It is quite in order for the Proforma to point out how ambitious the original aims were and how the work completed represents the triumphant consequence of considerable effort against a background of unpredictable disasters.

The substantiation of these claims will follow in the rest of the dissertation.

For instance, the true starting point may have turned out to be different from that declared in the proposal and such discrepancies must be explained.

This chapter should describe what was actually produced: the programs which were written, the hardware which was built or the theory which was developed.

Principally, this chapter should describe the work which was undertaken before code was written, hardware built or theories worked on.

It should show how the project proposal was further refined and clarified, so that the Implementation stage could go smoothly rather than by trial and error.

If you are willing for your dissertation to be accessed for these purposes please add the following paragraph to your declaration.

The single Proforma Page is a preface that immediately follows the Declaration of Originality.


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