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The value of goods may be based on non-existing properties (e.g. Many objects also have different “social lives”, which means that their use may change over time (Wilk 2004; Appadurai 1986; Douglas and Isherwood 1978).

The impact of virtual goods is not limited to virtual communities, however, because pre-existing social relations are also increasingly acted out in online spaces. (2010) Virtual Worlds Don't Exist: Questioning the Dichotomous Approach in MMO Studies. This market did not exist ten years ago, and today it is estimated to be worth billions of U. Unlike goods, virtual goods do not need to be shipped.

Survey data is used to argue that spending on virtual goods is linked to participants’ economic and socio-demographic backgrounds. Unlike services, virtual assets are not perishable and can be re-sold.

The results of this dissertation suggest that the fundamental drivers of virtual consumption are rather found in individuals’ social and hedonic motivations.

In online spaces, virtual goods function as markers of status, elements of identity and means towards ends in the same way as material consumer goods do in similarly contrived physical spaces. 1.]Millions of people are spending time and money on virtual goods: clothes for their characters in online hangouts, weapons for their fighters in massively-multiplayer games, and presents for their friends in social networking platforms. This way of spending is distinct from the more recognised forms of electronic commerce: the sales of goods, services and information.

The dissertation is positioned in the sociology of consumption and also addresses recent streams of scholarship on ICT and society.

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In popular discourse, spending real money on virtual goods is frequently attributed to Internet addiction and manipulation by marketers.This study is intended to be the first thorough sociological analysis of this new mode of consumption, which is termed virtual consumption.The study of virtual consumption is relevant and topical to social scientists for several reasons: Firstly, it seems to be an archetype of the so-called “dematerialisation” of consumption, which has become a prevailing topic in the sociology of consumption.From this perspective, there is no difficulty in considering real-money trade of virtual goods as a form of consumption.As virtual consumption has become more common, adopted first by gamers, teenagers, and gradually by some in the older age groups, it has broken into mainstream consciousness.Secondly, virtual consumption seems to be a prime example of the process that contemporary scholars of media and consumer culture have variously termed as materialisation, thingification or commodification of media and culture.Thirdly, virtual consumption is an important aspect of the general trend of increased adoption of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in society.Objects do not necessarily lose their value when used (e.g.antique, jewelry or collectibles), and they can be used several times.The extent and manner of the penetration of digital networks and mediated experiences into everyday life depends greatly on their ability to direct revenue flows to companies operating the services.The study of the possibilities and potentials of virtual consumption therefore affords a window to the future of market-driven developments in a networked society.


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