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John Ambulance show exactly what first aid kits for various sized businesses need to contain based on the number of employees.Depending on what types of disasters may happen in your area, you may want to add other supplies.Include your business's evacuation plan, communication plan, information about emergency kits and insurance policies, data protection measures, and operational essentials, as well as details of any arrangements you've made to keep or get things up and running again.

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Don't let your customers wonder if you are open or not when disaster strikes - a quick post on Facebook can keep them up to date.

It's easy to put off business continuity planning.

But what if your main supplier suddenly goes bankrupt, your entire sales force comes down with food poisoning, or your website is held to ransom by hackers?

Contingency planning isn't just about major crises and natural disasters.

Taking the time to put together a business continuity plan will help ensure that your business is able to resume operations in the shortest possible time. But don't forget about growing risks that are often overlooked by small businesses such as cyber attacks, hacker activity, and sabotage.

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Decide what would be absolutely essential for your small business to start operating again if a business disaster closed you down and take steps to ensure that those essentials would be available quickly. What equipment do you need to continue to produce and deliver your critical products and/or services?

Let them know what you're hoping to do and see if you can get them involved.

You might be able to share the costs of some expenses related to continuity planning or make tit-for-tat arrangements to help each other out in case of disaster.

Taking the time to prepare a business continuity plan will have a huge payoff if a disaster ever strikes.

Fires, floods, tornadoes – these are the type of events that we often associate with contingency planning.


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