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Contribution essays are among the most popular ones in the applications process.This short video will help you in drafting an effective contribution essay.Leadership Potential MBA admissions committees highly prize leadership potential in their candidates; that is why your contributions essay should clearly state all of your leadership experiences thus far, both within and beyond the professional context.

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An Effective Structure As with all admissions essays, you must use a clear and effective structure when writing your contributions essay.

-A powerful opening (optional) 20% -The first reason (20%) -The second reason (20%) -The third reason (20%) -A powerful ending (20%) Each of the three reasons can be a big bucket, clubbing together similar reasons; provide concrete examples for each reason, wherever possible.

The pointers shared in this video will enable you to consolidate your thoughts in a structured manner and produce a well-written MBA Applications essay.

How to Write the Contribution Essay While researching MBA programs, you will find that all of them heavily feature peer learning as part of their teaching methodology.

In fact, including important extra-curricular activities in your contributions essay can actually help ameliorate gaps in your professional profile; for example, if you have not had the opportunity to take a leadership position in your work, you can mention significant projects that you lead or events that you organized in other contexts, or if you have not had the opportunity to engage with other cultures professionally, you can mention multicultural experiences that you have had outside the workspace.

By including a rich history of participating in such activities, in your contributions essay, you can suggest that you will be able to gel with the rest of your class and contribute to team projects and student activities.

- The ability to overcome adversity Through this virtue, you can suggest that uncertain socio-economic conditions will not prevent you from becoming a worthy alumnus to the school.

- Excellent team skills The MBA curriculum rests on team projects; team skills will help a candidate contribute to the collaborative learning environment.

Years of Experience | Industry | Functional Area | Performance-promotions, quantifiable impact, etc.

| Exposure, roles, cultures, domains, Leadership Experience Diverse Co-Curricular Experiences In addition to your professional experiences, it is also advisable to mention any significant experiences that you have had outside the workplace, in your MBA contributions essay.


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