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I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

I am applying for the role of lecturer in psychology at the University of Hamburg.

I have five publications on this topic, each published in high-impact journals.

I am keen to continue this research at the University of Hamburg, given its expertise in decision making and its strong neuroscience community.

I am keen to continue collaborating with researchers from other disciplines in order to better understand complex issues.

Furthermore, I have experience with the supervision of Bachelor's students, and with teaching undergraduate courses such as An Introduction to Oceanography, for which I received excellent feedback.There are many things you can include in a cover letter.For more information on this, check out our Sample Motivation Letter for Your Ph D Application Insight.Below are sample academic cover letters for three purposes: applying for a research role, for a teaching role, and for a fellowship.I am writing to apply for the postdoctoral position in marine biology in the Department of Life Sciences.For example, in my Neural Decision Making course, each student is required to learn a topic and present it briefly to the other students once per lesson.This not only challenges the presenting student to convey the material accurately and concisely, but also aids the understanding of the other students in the class.I completed a Ph D on the topic of how stressful life events effect decision making at University College London.Since then I have been working in a postdoctoral role in the neurology department at the Charité Hospital Berlin.I also have experience co-supervising students in Bachelor's and Master’s psychology programs, from which I gained skills in project management and supporting students academically.My current research is on the relationship between priming and decision making, examining the degree to which value assessments are influenced by non-verbal primes.


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