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You have most likely been thinking about it for years…

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Okay, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to the nitty-gritty of finding some ideas.

Winning ideas might seem elusive if you have already racked your brains and come up with – well, not much.

Also making it about mental disability might work, particularly if the disability was triggered or worsened by the divorce.

But throw in the friendship theme on top, as well as the murder and the section set in the rainforest, and it starts to sound like not one novel but several.

In fact, settling on the first idea that drifts into your head could be costly if it later turns out to be the wrong idea.

You could face months or even years of wasted work – and I should know because I’ve done it. As this section shows, writing ideas are actually simple to find, and not that time-consuming to find, either – unlike writing the novel, which will most likely take you years.

These writing blogs give concrete advice for implementing literary techniques in your writing to help your work reach its full potential. Na No Wri Mo The National Novel Writing Month blog provides inspirational posts year round for when you're stuck with writer's block, and offers guidelines on everything from the publishing process to finding feedback. Write It Sideways The articles for writers that can be found on Write It Sideways outline real-life advice (like writing grants, author branding, and gift buying) as well as writing tips and tricks, like spotting dialogue mistakes and learning how to build tension in your writing. If you're looking for in-depth instruction, also provides a range of courses and ebooks that aim at helping you learn how to write anything well. Warrior Writers Warrior Writers is run by the best-selling author Kristen Lamb, who guides writers using comprehensive and detailed posts that have a humorous and easy-to-read tone. Looking for articles and advice on creative writing?

Consider checking out The Write Practice, which offers writing free (as well as paid) courses, and even holds writing contests for aspiring authors. Abidemi is an accomplished author who has decided to share her insight and knowledge of the writing and publishing worlds to help others become better writers.

If you are struggling with the storms that rage internally (e.g., self-doubt) and externally (e.g., the publishing industry), this site will be a haven for you.

These blogs help writers market their books and create blogging personas to engage an audience more effectively. The Write Life This writing website offers solid ideas for blogging, including working from home, pitching ideas, guest posting, and much more. Goins, Writer National best-selling author Jeff Goins shares real-life experiences and reflections on building an audience, shortcuts to success, and engaging a community in the age of Internet fame. The Book Designer As stated in its tagline, The Book Designer gives "practical advice to help build better books," which includes writing creative disclaimers, choosing the right platforms, and using social media efficiently. Angela Booth Angela Booth, a copywriter, ghostwriter, author, marketer, and writing coach, writes ample posts to help authors improve book sales and ensure that a book will be a financial success. Need marketing advice on promoting your writing without coming off as too pushy?


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