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Racial prejudice is the most pernicious form of blindness in Ellison’s novel, but it is not the only one. Norton, a wealthy, white trustee of the narrator’s college, cannot or will not see the true nature of his black beneficiaries’ lives.But even more damaging, the book suggests, is his inability to acknowledge the true nature of his own self.Norton’s fascinated response to Trueblood’s tale of incest suggests that beneath his deceptively innocent face—“pink like St.

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We have divided our topics into categories so that you can choose according to your type of paper.Despite his generous financial donations to the college, Norton is unable—or unwilling—to see the abstract “Negroes” about whom he theorizes as real, individual human beings with specific thoughts and feelings.Tellingly, Norton never asks the narrator’s name as they drive around campus together, even as he maintains that the two of them share the same destiny.The decision to order papers on our site will also be a good opportunity to succeed in your education.You can change your low grades into higher ones with our help.When Norton does come face to face with the reality of life outside campus grounds, through his exposure to Trueblood and the Golden Day tavern, he suffers a heart attack, an apparent sign of his inability to handle the truth.If his figurative blindness prevents Norton from properly seeing his black beneficiaries, it also prevents him from properly seeing himself.Norton takes pride in his work with the college not because of a selfless dedication to social causes, but because it gives him the power to direct and control the students’ lives.Norton states that the college students are “bound to a great dream and to a beautiful monument.” Ellison’s use of the word “bound” here draws a parallel—perhaps unconscious on Norton’s part—between the trustee-student relationship and the slaveholder-slave relationship.By reading through our list, you now have an idea of what to write about.You can receive even more help with your writing if you check out samples and guides on our blog.


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