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One of my daughters poked me to ‘engage’ but before I could conjure up a suitable question or observation the chap opposite asked which airport we flew out from.Therefore what we think is correct now, people in 50 or 100 years time will think is pretty rudimentary or even wrong” and In effect, what the students were describing is that all knowledge is an argument or a hypothesis or an opinion based on the best evidence at the moment.And the best evidence at the moment is the evidence that is both valid and reliable in the context of the argument or opinion it is being used in.He also made explicit the rules of the ‘critical thinking game’ and the secret to success.What Perry did was study how students think and how their thinking develops over time.At this time I was at Oxford and reading education.Of all the topics that should have let me into the secret of success this was it. well that was until I happened across a book and a professor that changed all that.That many if not all students submit assignments and tests and have difficulty predicting their grade and all because they don’t understand what the rules of the game are.Well as an undergraduate I was never to quite fathom out what those rules were.But what does it mean and why is there so little of it?There is a famous incident in our family where we were on holiday in Morocco.


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