Critical Thinking Worksheets For 4th Grade

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Use these worksheets to teach your students how to find the area of a space within a shape such as a rectangle within a rectangle.Students will practice using formulas based on the angles and lengths of each of the given shapes.You could imagine, it's kind of extrapolating the information you have, generalizing.

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Teaching Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Lesson ideas from Pinterest.

So they'll be looking for trend in growth over this 60-year period.

And then they'll generalize it out to these years.

To do this, will you be using inductive reasoning or deductive reasoning?

Now before answering that, let's just think about what inductive reasoning is and what deductive reasoning is.

And they just figure out the population of the town in each of those years.

The town wants to estimate the population for 2015, 2018, and 2020.


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