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In addition to her own dream, she also represents the Gatsby's own American Dream. He makes his money by perhaps less than legal means and is seen as less important because he is "new money." But, the ideal of Daisy continues to drive him to become prosperous—he is always focusing on that green light.His attempt at gaining the perfect life is focused on Daisy's love. Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions.

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Interestingly, her daughter isn't central to the plot, and Daisy doesn't speak of her often.

Pammy seems to only fit in Daisy's lifestyle when Daisy doesn't have to engage with her very often.

Of course, Daisy also desires the passion that she lacks with her rich (and not monogamous) husband.

So she falls (again) for Gatsby and is swept up in his plans to run away together.

Daisy is portrayed as a superficial, shallow individual throughout the novel, who values possessions and money over meaningful relationships, which is why she chooses to stay with Tom.

Similar to Jay Gatsby, Daisy becomes corrupted by her pursuit of the American Dream.

To begin with, "American Dream" is a commonly used phrase, but not one which is often explained.

It is often defined as everyone having equal opportunity for success and prosperity through hard work.

Put simply, Daisy wants it all, which is fairly typical of the idealized American Dream.

She initially has a passionate love affair with Gatsby, but when she isn't able to marry him, she finds a man with lots of money to keep her happy.


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