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so far i have got; bi polar surveys building decay survey number plate surveys retail quality survey i definitely think i need more methods as these are all not very accurate in answering the question.Environmental Quality index Also as secondary data you could try and find house prices of the area currently and if possible before the regeneration project was started, if not sample nearby unregenerated areas In regards to surveys you could just aks 1-10 or 1-5 how effective do you think [specific regeneration project] has been, or how much they like it Then you could ask for additional comments if they have time Be warned though surveys are really hard to do because no one wants to do a survey especially not one held by a teenager Check out this link https:// Questionnaires are the best method.However 10% said that they strongly disagreed with the idea.

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Geography River Studies fieldwork software for GCSE and A Level, incorporates both theoretical and practical applications related to River Flow and Bedload Analysis.

Focus on River Studies is structured to enable students to carry out virtual fieldwork on a stretch of simulated river and then use the skills learned in their actual fieldwork coursework projects.

Students can generate detailed reports with photos and graphs suitable for coursework submission.

Windows software site licence: River Flow Analysis enables students to input and process primary information recorded from their own field-studies.

This is the sister program to River Flow Analysis and allows students to present and analyse original data from their own fieldwork.

Selecting 'pebble sizes' or 'sieve data' from the main menu allows access to two different spreadsheets for data entry.Random samples of either large calibre (pebbles) or small calibre (sediment) bedload can be taken at any point along its course.Pebbles are assessed in terms of size, shape, sphericity and flatness, whilst the finer sediment is sieved to determine the degree of sorting.The graph above shows the amount of people who said what they thought about whether public transport needs to be improved.As seen above 55% of people said that they wanted public transport to be improved.As you can see from the graph above it shows that out of the 100 people I interviewed most of them where in the ages of 16-24 and 25-33.Overall I interviewed a reasonable number of people from each age group.It provides and excellent whiteboard learning tool for teaching about River Flow and Bedload Analysis.The program enables students to carry out both virtual fieldwork without leaving the classroom and also provides a method of organising primary data gathered in the field.The graphs were produced using the data I collected during the investigation.The reason for doing this is because I will be able to suggest reasons as to why the people I interviewed selected the answers they chose.


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