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Then my son went off to the war, and some of him didn’t come back, as you know. Probably your aunt did with your mother, them being sisters, but certainly the rest of us didn’t.

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He will perorate thirty minutes easy on the sermon.

And second of all, it’s not like you can have a funeral for a guy if the guy is not actually present. I want to ask what form he is in that he can be here with me but also dead.

And third, this is the last time I am going to see lakes. I want to ask what he saw and felt and knew when he died.

I want to ask him about his childhood, of which I know nothing. I want to ask him about how he met my aunt on the train in New York City and why they moved to rural Connecticut when they were just kids, married not even a year.

So I don’t say anything, but it’s like he can read my mind, because he says, Look: (a) it’s not like I have to give a speech at this event, and (b) it’s only one beer, and (c) you would think that if ever a man could be excused from what is and isn’t proper, it would be on the way to his funeral.

I want to ask him if drinking a beer is a particularly good idea at eleven in the morning, but who am I to question a guy on the way to his own funeral?It’s not like my feelings are going to help the kids get jobs — am I right? On the east side of Waccabuc, right on the Connecticut border, there are two little lakes, and we stop to stretch. Herons sure look like dinosaurs to me, says my uncle. You have to admire a species that gets it right and just stays with the program like that.I don’t know if we are ever going to get it right, but I suppose it could happen.This is the paper where you are supposed to, first, describe and then sum up the topic you are working on.You don’t have to add other people’s opinions, just your personal thoughts on the issue. But here I am, driving to his funeral in rural Connecticut, and there is my uncle Eddy in the passenger seat, companionably sipping on a Schlitz, as usual.Plus didn’t you have two cups of coffee this morning?But, even if it doesn’t demand a lot of efforts and time, you still have to have certain skills to manage a good essay.You do not need to add analyzes, quotes, statements or evidences to your descriptive essay.I drive around the corner and park next to the church playground, and Uncle Eddy and I just talk for a while.I tell him I always liked him, although I didn’t know him very well, and he says he appreciates that, and that I shouldn’t feel bad, because what kid really knows, or even cares to know, the old people in his family — am I right?


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