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However, the main disadvantage that the youths realized in the Amish culture is that the decision to be baptized is dictated by age despite the ability to make personal decision before one gets to the accepted age.This implies that the rebellions youths have no other option to return to their culture, family and the church until they acquire the dictated age (The Devil’s Playground 2002).

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However, unlike the Amish society that encountered vast challenges, the English culture was comparatively full of fan and satisfaction; people lived a luxurious life, driving in expensive cars, pursuing education to higher levels (The Devil’s Playground 2002).

The English culture is open to everybody irrespective of the class of standard, western cultural attire were the order of the day to showcase their ability and support to live quality stress free life.

However, the Amish youths often try to balance both the Amish culture and the non-Amish socio-cultural practices, afterwards, some of the brave youths return to their Amish culture and get baptized just to be shunned by their families once they opt to leave the Amish culture, while the other group of girls are not brave enough to face their Amish culture once more hence they get absorbed permanently in the non Amish culture (James, & Charles, 1989).

It is unfair that the Amish culture only recognize the people within the same culture irrespective of the relationship.

Weaknesses In personal perception, the Amish culture should not dictate what individuals do, instead the youths and adults as well should be left to make their decisions, so that they do not get intimidated by cultural by-laws.

This is the main factor the lead to rebellion among the Amish youths and teenagers who are able to survive on their own both socially and financially.The church should be left for the believers to decide, but as depicted in the Amish culture, it is adept to reiterate that the believers get intimidated since they are not free to express their ideas (The Devil’s Playground 2002).The common term in the movie “Rumspringa”, is a reference to the passage rite for the Amish children from the age of 16, but continues till they declare their stand on either to become part of the Amish church or to leave the church for exploration of the English world which is referred to by the Amish adults as the “Devil’s Playground”.To some extent, the youths engage in drugs to enhance their socials pleasure this is evidenced in Faron, the Amish youth (James, & Charles, 1989).In fact the son of a preacher who rebelled from the Amish culture and engaged in drugs so that he could derive pleasure in the habit.According to ethics and leadership, dictatorial leadership should not be encouraged not only in the church but also at the working place since the believers and employees would not accomplish their rights and ability to make personal decisions for the interest of the whole group respectively (Hostetler, 1993).Hence the youths are worried since it is believed that when one dies before being baptized, it is automatic that the person is either lost or goes to hell.The worst effects of the drugs were felt when her ended up in the deal and hooked up with an English girlfriend who was a fellow addict (Hostetler, 1993).The Validity of the Article Through covering the Rumspringa, the film explored personal, cultural and social identities of the Amish adolescent’s rites of passage at the age of sixteen years.The Cultural Differences Facing the Amish and English Societies The decision to return to their cultural practices which includes baptism is a commitment that would lead to rejection when they backside and return to the activities of the non- Amish culture within the community.The Amish community never had much wealth, most of the members used to depend on horses as a means of transport making life a bit challenging compared to the life that the English people lived.


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