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This article led directly to Douglas Engelbart’s “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework,” and it influenced many others besides.For additional evidence of its power over the years, take a look at this set of videos from a conference celebrating the 50th anniversary of its publication.

This article led directly to Douglas Engelbart’s “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework,” and it influenced many others besides.

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What better way to tantalize the reader--haplessly trying to connect those long-separated family lines--than by offering up a suggestive but unfulfilled resemblance, a hint of filiation?

What makes these links striking--to the 20th-century reader, at least--is that they straddle radically different social groups (the family at the end of Great Expectations include an escaped convict, a servant, and a young woman of means; in Bleak House, an aristocratic baroness, an opium-addict law stenographer, and an orphan girl brought up by a haute bourgeois uncle).

Consider Pip's ruminations on his mysterious playmate and love-interest Estella: "What was it that was borne in upon my mind when she stood still and looked attentively at me? They restore a certain orderliness in the face of tremendous disorder (mirroring in one way the "synthetic" connections of hypertext prose).

The associative links unite Dickens' two major thematic obsessions: orphans and inheritances.

As a general interface convention, the link should usually be understood as a synthetic device, a tool that brings multifarious elements together into an orderly unit.

In this respect, the most compelling cultural analogy for hypertext turns out to be not the splintered universe of channel surfing, but rather the damp, fog-shrouded streets of Victorian London, and the mysterious resemblances of Charles Dickens.There is a strong vein of sentimentality in these reconciliations, of course, but also something heroic.Dickens attempted to see a social whole, building a form large enough to connect the lives of street urchins, captains of industry, schoolteachers, circus folk, ladies in waiting, convicts, shut-ins, dustheap emperors, aging nobility, and rising young gentlemen."Links of association"--actually a favorite phrase of Dickens-- play a major role in the narrative of Great Expectations.The link usually takes the form of a passing resemblance, half-glimpsed and then forgotten.The Victorians have a reputation for family-values conservatism, but their most gifted novelist dissected and recombined the family unit with an inventiveness that would have impressed the Marquis de Sade.For all the experimentation, of course, Dickens's novels eventually wind their way back to some kind of nuclear family.Hypertext suggests a whole new grammar of possibilities, a new way of writing and telling stories.But to make that new frontier accessible, we need more than one type of link.Throughout his oeuvre, characters perceive some stray likeness in the faces of strangers, something felt but impossible to place. As my eyes followed her white hand, again the same dim suggestion that I could not possibly grasp, crossed me. " These partial epiphanies serve as the driving force behind the suspense of Dickens' novels.These moments are scattered through the novels like hauntings; this ethereal quality brings them close to the subjective haze of modernism and the stream of consciousness. My involuntary start occasioned her to lay her hand upon my arm. Resolving the half-resemblance, connecting the links, putting a name to the face--these actions invariably give the novel the sense of an ending.


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