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(A Ph D is examined by thesis – similar to a dissertation but a lot longer!) So the first question you may be faced with is ‘Shall I do the Master’s or the shorter course?

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A dissertation is usually about 15,000 words – about six times the length of this article – while a thesis is around 80,000 words, which is similar in length to an average novel.

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to tackle such a large volume of work all in one go, so you divide it into manageable chunks.

Many students begin by thinking that the research is their main concern and that the thesis or dissertation is somehow tacked onto the end.

In fact you can and should start writing as soon as you begin the course.

‘The thing I found most difficult to assimilate was the academic style necessary for the thesis,’ he says.

‘I immersed myself in it by reading other people’s theses and eventually it took over.

It’s a good idea to look at other dissertations (or theses), particularly those produced in your department which were well received.

Paul Adkins, who is mildly dyslexic, is a mature Ph D student at Aston.

A dissertation has a similar but often less formal structure.

For example it might have sections rather than chapters, and few or no appendices.


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