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During World War II the daily newspapers were at their most popular …even though they consisted of only a few pages.People throughout Britain could find out what was happening in the parts of the world where our troops were engaged in the fight against Hitler and the Nazis At the beginning of the war, the news was mainly bad with the German blitzkrieg advances throughout Europe but as the years rolled on, the news slowly became better …and in October 1942 British morale was greatly bolstered by General Montgomery’s famous success at El Alamein in North Africa.

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One of the popular ‘dailys’ of the time was the Daily Telegraph, and so too was its crossword puzzle.

It was in January 1943 that the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and American President Franklin D Roosevelt met and agreed that the future of the war must include an invasion of northwest Europe or a ‘return to the Continent’.

Planning for the invasion started almost immediately, and after extensive research it was decided that the sheltered Normandy coastline with its wide sandy beaches presented the best option for the surprise attack that was to be the D-Day landings.

The assault was code-named in December 1943, with the British hero General Bernard Law Montgomery assuming control of ground troops.

But it wasn’t just the news that was eagerly sought in the papers; there were other matters of interest.

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