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You may wish to consider an embargo period which helps address publishers’ interests in being the first to publish scholarly books or articles, while also ensuring that scholarship is accessible to the general public within a reasonable period of time.Your decision should be made in consultation with your Special Committee.

You must follow the guidelines for acknowledging the work of others in the “Code of Academic Integrity and Acknowledging the Work of Others” (published in the .(See also, , published by the University of Chicago Press.) If your use of material is not considered a “fair use,” you must obtain written permission from the copyright owner.Two copies of each permission letter must be submitted with the dissertation or thesis.Copyright law involves many complex issues that are relevant to you as a graduate student, both in protecting your own work and in referencing the work of others.Discussion of copyright in this publication is not meant to substitute for the legal advice of qualified attorneys.Pro Quest’s Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses (PQDT) database indexes almost all dissertations published in the U. and provides subscription access online to the full text of more recent dissertations.Pro Quest also sells print copies of dissertations, paying royalties to authors, when they exceed a minimum threshold.Additionally, you must determine whether use of the material can be classified as a “fair use” by performing an analysis of your use of each copyrighted item.The Cornell Copyright Information Center’s Fair Use Checklist) is a helpful tool for performing this analysis.A more detailed discussion of copyright law can be found in the publication from Pro Quest entitled Copyright Law and the Doctoral Dissertation: Guidelines to Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities by Kenneth D. Copyright protection automatically exists from the time the work is created in fixed form, and the copyright immediately becomes the property of the author.Registration with the United States Copyright Office is not required to secure copyright; rather it is a legal formality to place on public record the basic facts of a particular copyright.


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