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Other recent studies have shown the complexity of DNA adaptations in the ancient Andes.

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They also did not show the DNA markers some Tibetans like Sherpas show for better adapting to hypoxia, lower levels of oxygen in the blood.

The DNA also showed that the ancient South Americans split off between low- and high-elevation populations between 92 years ago, according to the work.

Environmental influences on dementia are not well understood. Some “rounded up the usual suspects” among complex traits, such as autism, obesity, and type 2 diabetes, but a few were highly original.

One student chose Huntington disease, which would seem an unlikely candidate for a complex trait because penetrance is close to 100 percent – if you inherit a mutation, you’ll eventually get HD, unless something else gets you first.

The first-place winner will receive $1,000; second place, $600; third place, $400; honorable mention, 10 prizes of $100.

To enter, students must write an essay of no more than 750 words (including in-text citations) that addresses the following scenario: Choose a genetic test that is currently available for a condition or disease that does not cause symptoms until adulthood (i.e., an adult-onset condition such as hereditary breast cancer).

But due to gene-environment interactions, DNA is never destiny, and this student explored a very subtle manifestation of this interplay — recent findings that diet can influence age of onset of HD.

That is empowering information in a traditionally helpless situation.

The program debuted in 1971, with Jonas Salk launching the speaker series.

This year I provided the question for an accompanying essay contest: “It is possible to determine the complete DNA sequence of your genome and identify genes that may cause diseases or indicate your ancestry. Which genes would you like to know about, and which not?


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