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Between 19, when whites were forcing blacks out of their neighborhoods in uptown Manhattan, the blacks began to move into Harlem.Due to racial fears, the whites in the area moved out.To understand Hughes’ idea of the dream deferred, one must have an understanding of the history of Harlem, for each and every line in this poem has a figurative, not literal, meaning and relates precisely to his experience in New York.

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His father didn’t think he would be able to make a living at writing, and encouraged him to pursue a more practical career.

His father paid his tuition to Columbia University on the grounds he study engineering.

At the beginning of this poem the mood that accompanies a dream deferred is a questioning one that begins a search for definition.

This mood, which will develop as the poem progresses, induces the reader to reflect upon the meaning of a dream deferred, preparing them for its development.

The majority of the world can relate to having a dream deferred in their life, and this poem is away for them to relate.

The questions Hughes is asking the reader make them think about their dreams they had and what happened to them, "Does [the dream] stink like rotten meant? 6) As the reader encounters the strophe of questions they reflect back on their dreams and do a type of self analysis almost.

Born in Joplin, Missouri, James Langston Hughes (1902-1967) was born into an abolitionist family.

As the grandson of James Mercer Langston, the first Black American to be elected to public office in 1855, Hughes attended Central High School in Cleveland, Ohio, but began writing poetry in the eighth grade, and was selected as Class Poet.

Between 1910 and the early 1940’s, more blacks began flooding into the area from all over the world, fleeing from the racial intolerance of the South and the economic problems of the Caribbean and Latin America. However, this town once filled with much potential soon became riddled with overpopulation, exploitation, and poverty.

Thus, what awaited new arrivals was not a dream; rather, it was a dream deferred (Harlem Today).


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