Drunk Driving Essay Intro

Students often write papers on problems of public importance.

But alas, there are always self-confident drivers for whom a glass of wine or beer is not a reason for a walk or taxi ordering.

Stress in an “Effects of drinking and driving” essay that more and more often, on TV screens and on the Internet, we can see reports from the scene of an accident caused by a drunk motorist.

It was specified in the revised version of the act of 1910.

In 1938, the Committee to Study Problems of Motor Vehicle Accidents, created by the American Medical Association, began to function.

Particularly impressive are the stories when innocent people are killed or injured.

Journalists may show a "new hero" who barely stands on his feet and, besides, tries to aggressively prove own rightness.

Currently, the authorities of different states discuss the tightening liability for drunk driving. The culture of behavior on the road is deteriorating.

Many people consider it to be an adventure to drive intoxicated and, having reached the house, to fall out of their vehicle to the home porch. Therefore, it may be stated in a drunk driving essay conclusion that, for a certain category of people, drunkenness at the wheel gradually becomes the norm.

It may be written in a drinking and driving essay introduction that the first law restricting the movement of intoxicated drivers in the US was adopted in New Jersey.

1906 is the year of the beginning of the struggle against this harmful phenomenon.


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