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Men of learning played a new and important role by also providing advice on the intricacies of self-fashioning. A portrait could function as a way of announcing one’s piety, virtue, learning, and prosperity—or even one’s inner soul. The standard background for these portraits was a brilliant blue sky streaked with clouds, which suggested an outdoor setting, the sitter, as it were, belonging to the world at large.

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Advantageous marriages were a way of advancing family fortunes and of ensuring the continuation of the family line.

The Venetian painter was inventive in producing marriage portraits that dramatized the significance of the marriage union.

The sculpted portrait of the Florentine banker , conveys a forceful presence by incorporating a number of elements drawn from antique Roman portraiture.

Sassetti’s features in this work are highly realistic—he has a large nose and a creased and jowly face.

The fifteenth century saw an explosion in the development of portraiture, part of a larger cultural phenomenon during which the arena for individual accomplishment expanded dramatically.

The growth of trade, together with a new emphasis on self-governing in the political units of Italy, resulted in a sizable number of wealthy and powerful individuals who wanted to record their features for their own time and preserve them for posterity. developed a portrait type for upper-class Venetians in which the sitter was depicted bust length, in three-quarter view, dressed in standard patrician dress with a long black toga and beret-like head covering known as the beretto.Draped over the shoulders of the bride is a gold chain made up of many links, which was known as a “bond of love.” Around her neck is a cameo of the Roman empress Faustina the Elder, wife of the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius and famed in literature as a devoted wife.Both bride and groom look out directly at the viewer as if to call attention to the importance of the action taking place.The Renaissance, for the first time in history, saw a notable increase in portraits of women.Northern Italians excelled in portraits of beautiful women dressed in exquisite and costly clothing.A more ambiguous category of female portraiture originating in Venice presented women who relate to the viewer in a different way, looking out of the painting with an enticing gaze and catching the eye of the observer with a coquettish glance. 1520, falls into the category of female portraits with erotic overtones.In contrast to the averted, somewhat distant expression of the sitter in the Veronese portrait, this sitter tilts her head provocatively to catch the viewer’s eye.Portraits of this type depicted women of various levels of social standing.’s portrait of an upper-class Venetian woman, painted c.Painting contains a divine force which not only makes absent men present, as friendship is said to do, but moreover makes the dead seem almost alive. I make tender approaches to it, I smile, I joke or speak, just as if it could answer. Painting the head of state, the , which Bellini created probably soon after Loredan’s accession to ducal office in 1501, Loredan’s gaze is fixed on some distant object, which gives him the appearance of looking far into the future.Even after many centuries they are recognized with great pleasure and with great admiration for the painter. He wears gleaming white robes brocaded with gold and silver thread, a ducal costume reserved for high feast days of the Christian calendar when associations between Christ and the doge were enacted.


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