Eastern And Western Cultures Essay

Eastern And Western Cultures Essay-46
The relationships in the eastern cultures are family centric.

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Here is a list of top 10 differences between Eastern and Western Cultures that show a few broad demarcations between them.

In the eastern cultures, the leader assumes supreme status. This comes from the fact that in eastern cultures a technically greater man is often elevated to God-like status irrespective of his worth.

When it comes to attitude, the West could be thought of as analytical and detailed.

The focus on the problem at hand and arrive at an outcome based of the pros and cons of that particular problem. The preference of the latter is to come to a well-rounded and all-inclusive solution which applies across the table.

It’s the way of looking at life that by and large differs.

For the purpose of clarity, it has been assumed that Asia, including Middle East, depicts the Eastern world while Europe and North America form the Western world.It has been seen that more often than not the people from the East are rigid in their ideologies and beliefs.For them the truth is what has been there for thousands of years and not to be challenged irrespective of its fading validity in modern times.Although religion is a very much existent concept in the west, it has not been stretched to the extent of intolerance like in the east.The idea of independence in its true context exists only in the western culture.The individual is given more worth in the western society, while it is the community and the family that tops the list in the eastern society.Both has its sets of pros and cons as the importance given to family forms a support system always available in times of need; the same might not be present to those in the west.This is infact one of the major differences between eastern and western cultures.The Western world takes time out for travelling as an indispensable part of their lives.In the east, independence comes with “ifs” and “buts” or laden with various other conditions.No individual can be truly independent in the east where the bond with the family precedes anything related to the self.


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