Economic Research Proposal

Economic Research Proposal-35
If you intend to examine more than one case, you will also be asked to justify the selection of your geographical and temporal span, even though you can do this more briefly when they have chosen a “large N” design.Elaborate on the logic and strategy behind case selection and comment on the inherent disadvantages (if any).

Following a successful application, you need to provide a more comprehensive proposal which will be useful reference as your research develops.

The state of the field Present and discuss the answers that the available literature offers the research question addressed in the proposal succinctly. ) List the research operations you will conduct, and justify why these are the best solutions to tackle your research question.

If you choose to examine only one case, you should provide a careful indication of the relevance of your case and its potential for generalization.

Being precise about how you think you will develop your research is always welcome and helpful.

Statement of fit (why the SPS Department at the EUI?


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