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Students may even develop individualized special majors, and work as part-time research assistants in faculty laboratories or carry out independent projects under faculty supervision.Several students remain on campus each summer to conduct studies, and the program culminates with a mandatory research experience; students may choose a research project, a thesis, or a practicum in this field.

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Its motto, Crescit cum commercio civitas, means "Civilization prospers with commerce." Claremont students learn to apply psychology to various fields including law, education, and medicine.

Majors receive a breadth of knowledge and use those theoretical tools to explore the science behind this field and how it can be applied professionally.

Vanderbilt also offers a research-based honors program, which brings undergraduates together with the department's faculty, research fellows, and graduate students to conduct a wide variety of research projects.

This research ranges from simple tests of perception to state-of-the-art brain imaging studies.

Undergraduates must distribute core courses across three of these content areas to guarantee broad coverage and perform at least one semester of empirical research.

The Undergraduate Psychology Society holds events that foster students' growth in the community – both at Penn and the community at large.Majors take lecture courses in various areas of the discipline: perception, learning, thinking, and the theory behind the human personality.Students also explore psychological pathology and its biological and environmental roots.Net Price: ,457/yr Haverford College provides students with an understanding of human behavior that will allow them to contribute to scientific research; assist community members; and become educated, informed professionals.Students master theoretical concepts and competence at this good school for psychology, as well as methodologies professionals use in day-to-day practice.Many students work directly with department faculty as part of research teams, and students often co-author publications and present as co-authors at professional conferences.As a psychology major, students will learn a broad discipline incorporating the scientific approach with the study of human and animal behavior and the physiological and cognitive processes underlying that behavior.Interdisciplinary sequences in neuroscience help students fold psychology into other academic areas and turn them into real-world success.This good college for psychology also grants expertise that will expand their career options.The department encourages majors to work with faculty in the department for pedagogical training and to gain valuable research experience.Net Price: ,173/yr Students in the psychology program at Barnard College will encounter many perspectives on psychological evidence and technique through classroom learning, courses in the field, and time in the laboratory.


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