Education Is A Key Of Success Essay

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Other people say that educational qualifications do not necessarily bring success.

Discuss both views and give your opinion Model Answer: Some people find academic degrees or other training essential milestones for future success, while others believe that this does not guarantee future success and there are other relevant factors just as crucial.

To unravel the snarl into which our education system finds itself, it is necessary to go back to the basic question: what is it education?

The irrefutable answer is that education is preparation for life.

The Educational Qualifications and Success Essay answers the question fully.

The two sides of the argument are discussed and the writer provides a personal view on the issue.In terms of work, many people study hard to become well-qualified but then fail to reach the heights of success that they expected.This is because in today’s world there is a high level of competition for many jobs and a high number of graduates or qualified people.Some people believe that educational qualifications will always bring success in life.Other people say that educational qualifications do not necessarily bring success. You should always pay careful attention to the words used in the essay question. Do educational qualifications ALWAYS bring success? You can have your own opinion on this, and maybe you think they do.In my opinion however, I'd say that though they can do, this is not always the case.So that will be my view which I must make clear in the essay.Education does not mean just seeing the child through board examination but to equip him/her to live as critical thinkers and active workers. If so then whatever education we provide needs to be relevant and sustainable. Her/his knowledge of the geographic, socio- biological cultural community and social environs is not available to them. Some private schools ironically termed as “public schools” offer small number our children a semblance of the kind of education, described within a specific socio-economic milieu.Education must take upon itself the task of systematically creating this knowledge and helping children their geo-cultural world. The vast majority of our children study in government schools..pass_color_to_child_links a.u-inline.u-margin-left--xs.u-margin-right--sm.u-padding-left--xs.u-padding-right--xs.u-relative.u-absolute.u-absolute--center.u-width--100.u-flex-inline.u-flex-align-self--center.u-flex-justify--between.u-serif-font-main--regular.js-wf-loaded .u-serif-font-main--regular.amp-page .u-serif-font-main--regular.u-border-radius--ellipse.u-hover-bg--black-transparent.web_page .u-hover-bg--black-transparent:hover. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded .


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