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For example a very wealthy female land owner could not vote however her male staff could.Emily Davison became a follower of the suffragettes, and believed there policy of women were being treated as second class citizens.

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Emily suspected that if she died in prison, the authorities could cover it up as an accident, therefore if she were to become a martyr, it would have to be in public and she would have to be in full control of the incident.

And what could be more public than the 1913 Epsom Derby?

The King’s horse Anmer was easy to spot among the other horses as the jockey, Herbert Jones, was wearing the King’s colours.

As the horses thundered around Tattenham Corner, Anmer was third from last.

The Women’s Social and Political Unit (WSPU), founded by Emmeline Pankhurst, caught Emily’s interest and she soon became a radical member.

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A more militant offshoot of the original National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS), the WSPU expressed the view that by disallowing women the vote, the state was classing them as second-rate citizens.The horses came out of Tattenham corner, the kings horse (Anmer) was third from last, Emily Wilding Davison got underneath the barrier and was hit by Anmer.Why would an intelligent woman perform a tragic act of this nature? Source 1 is a still from one of the set cameras on the route of the derby; the still shows Miss Emily Wilding Davison under the king's horse Anmer.It wasn’t long before she was back in jail again however, this time for hurling rocks at the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s chauffeur driven car, each one tightly wrapped in Emily’s signature slogan, ‘Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.’ Once in Strangeways Prison, Emily resorted to hunger strike again; this time however, the authorities decided to apply force-feeding instead of early release.In response to this, Emily barricaded herself in her room.Thousands of people, including King George V and Queen Mary, thronged to the event.The King’s horse Anmer was one of the runners in that year’s Derby. Epsom racecourse is shaped like a horseshoe: the start is along a straight leading to a long corner that straightens out at Tattenham Corner before finishing down the straight in front of the Royal Box.That statement angered Emily Wilding Davison, but was it enough to make her take her own life at the derby in 1913?The derby was held on the June 4th 1913, Emily Wilding Davison achieved her place in history as she lost her life in a race at the derby.How ever even till today, the reason for her to do this is still quite unknown. Was she meant to perform an act that nowadays only looks like suicide, or was she just a martyr for the suffragette cause?Emily Wilding Davison was appalled at the state if affairs concerning women in a late Victorian society; she was especially angered by how women were denied the right to vote.


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