Ending World Hunger Essay

Rather than judging the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on how well the likes of Siri respond to our voice commands, it is through tackling some of the world’s most pressing concerns that the new technologies will make a lasting impact.

Inbenta utilizes its patented natural language processing, artificial intelligence customer service, and 11 years of research & development to create interactive chatbots with an industry leading 90% self-service rate.

The conditions to reach it appear in the fully-worded United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 2: “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.” Ending hunger means not only achieving food security — or the availability, access to and use of food — but also improving nutrition; calories alone aren’t enough.

As it is eloquently described here, rather than a minimal approach to pesticides it is more along the lines of carpet bombing.

One solution to this is the Lettuce Bot which uses machine learning and a database of more than a million images to photograph 5,000 young plants a minute and identify each sprout as a lettuce or a weed.


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