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Biodiversity is very critical to the development of the human species due to food provision, ecological balance and other developmental benefits.However, there are continued threats posed on biodiversity leading to extinction of species.

The direct benefits of this are reduced energy costs, improved environmental value and economic security for both individuals and countries.

Industrial and commercial users would benefit through cost reduction and profit maximization.

Biodiversity Conservation Biodiversity refers to the variety and assortment of various life forms in the environment.

This includes the variety of plants and animals in various ecosystems including marine ecosystems, forest ecosystems as well as grasslands.

The need for finding alternative resources of energy has become key driver of change for promoting sustainable development within and outside the business paradigms.

The alternative resources of energy and energy conservation have become need of the hour that needs to be addressed within the lifestyle pattern of contemporary society at large.

Due to this, scientists have emerged with various strategies to conserve biodiversity and reduce species extinction.

This paper will analyze the major causes of biodiversity loss as well as the strategies for......?

A conservation easement is a restriction land owners voluntarily put on themselves on specified uses of property to preserve natural, cultural or productive features (Parker).

The conservation easement is made official by a legal agreement between the land owner and the ‘holder’ of the easement. Renewable Energy VS Fossil Fuel In recent times, there have been worries in the energy sector over the possibility of clean energy instead of using the type of conventional fuel that pollutes the environment, affecting it negatively.


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