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But this type of essay is cool because it helps you sharpen both your writing skills and knowledge about a topic.So learn something, and slay that research essay beast by starting with the best weapon.It will help you explain your topic using facts, evidence, and analysis—all of which will help you showcase the larger significance at hand..

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Kick your typing into gear, and drive that paper from point A to point B with a well-organized structure that’ll show your professor you know what’s what.

INSTRUCTOR: Steve Wilper EMAIL: [email protected]: PB 3408 PHONE: 650-5027 OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - NOTE: THE FOLLOWING SYLLABUS/COURSE SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

You come up with an answer and then explain why you’re right.

This template covers the basics and narrows the focus, so you can write a killer thesis statement and use strong evidence to support your claim.

This template will help you put a framework to your ideas—covering the thesis, context, and history behind your topic, the existing arguments, and why the topic/research matters.

Outlines save you time and provide peace of mind when it comes to writing papers.Even when you’re putting words to the page, you can always refer back to an outline to keep you on the right track and avoid getting stuck in one of those scary corners we talked about.Now you’re ready to rev your outline-writing engine.By now, you’ve probably made plans in one form or another.You’ve marked quizzes and paper due dates on a calendar.Most of your assignments will ask you to make an argument of some sort and to support this argument with facts, examples, etc.Gone are the days when you could simply write the personal narrative and gone are the days when your opinion, unsubstantiated, is enough.COURSE OBJECTIVES: This class is about analyzing problems, reading assignments, and class discussions, and then writing well developed, well organized, grammatically correct essays of your analysis and conclusions.We will accomplish this by generating ideas from your experiences, from outside readings of various topics, from the world around you, from electronic media and from discussions in class; we will then turn these ideas into good writing.Speaking of crashes, think about something you probably do on a daily basis, driving—or riding in—a car.A lot of planning went into that machine to make it work and get you safely from point A to point B.


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