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The most common impairment caused by the noise pollution is the permanent hearing loss due to ear drum damage.Normal level of the sound is necessary to maintain the daily lives however undesired sound or noise which is not tolerated by the people, animals or plants causes noise pollution in the environment.

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Noise pollution or sound pollution refers to the presence of excessive and disturbing noise (from machines, transportation systems, aircrafts, trains, etc) in the environment that is very harmful to the physical and mental health of the living beings on earth.

Noise pollution : Causes of Noise Pollution | Effects of Noise Pollution | Diseases caused by Noise Pollution | How to Control Noise Pollution Noise pollution has become one of the big problems in India affecting the human lives in many ways.

Common problems caused by the noise pollution are stress related illnesses, anxiety, communication problems, speech interference, hearing loss, lost productivity, sleep disruption, fatigue, headache, irritability, nervousness, weakness, reduce sensitivity to sound which our ear receive to maintain body rhythm, etc.

It causes gradual impairment to the hearing ability over a long period of time.

Noise pollution is considered as the environmental pollution caused in the environment by the excess level of noise through many sources.

Noise pollution is also known as the noise disturbance.Movie, music, newspaper, articles and hundred of tourists who walk pass you everyday can be great learning sources. Another easy way is to go through the content of this website and ask if you have any questions. Noise is commonly called as the unwanted sound created by many industrial or non-industrial sources used in the daily life in our surrounding.High level sound creates unpleasant effects and discomfort to the health especially to the ears.Forest animals have been affected to a great extent due to the chain-saw operations (create extreme noise) by timber companies.Common sources of the noise pollution are household gadgets, transport vehicles, jet planes, helicopters, industrial machines, etc.: From our experience, this is the most common problems for anyone who wants to learn English.The point is that you should realize that your goal is to communicate with people in English.Unwanted sound generally interferes with the daily routine activities like sleep in night, conversation, hearing ability, feeling of well being, etc.Water animals are also affected by the noise pollution created by the noise of submarines and big ships in the ocean.


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