English Essays On Of My Dreams

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Looking back I can say that I was afraid, afraid of wanting anything.

I figured wanting would lead to trying and trying would lead to failure, and failure is not an option.

Ever since I was a child I dreamed of becoming a successful woman. I believe knowledge is the utmost valuable tool for life, therefore going to college and getting an education, a master’s degree, will give me great knowledge.

Success to me is when I have a master’s degree in Business management, a career, and a family. The knowledge I gather will help my path to success.

A friend once told me I was much better than I thought I was, and he would help me do more in a positive sense, he was the one that helped me realize failure was something I shouldn’t be afraid of.

Since that moment I find that I can’t stop wanting.

Someone once asked me what I believed in, what I wanted to get out of life and where I saw myself a couple of years from now…I was speechless, just standing there with a blank look upon my face, guess I looked like a deer in the headlights.

At first I was outraged for not knowing what to say, and then I became concerned.

It is not easy working a full time job and going to college at the same time.

But nothing good comes easy and I’m determined to work hard for it.


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