Erik Erikson Stages Psychosocial Development Essay

Erik Erikson Stages Psychosocial Development Essay-42
Ego identity is said to be one of the many things Erickson has focused on.

Ego identity is said to be one of the many things Erickson has focused on.

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He believed these two forces "push[ed] humans everywhere through…[a set of] eight There are eight stages of psychosocial development, according to Erik Erikson. In this stage, infants depend on others for food and warmth; therefore, infants must be able to trust the parent for providing those. Erikson has identified eight stages of psychosocial development that each person goes through during their entire life span.

Erikson’s first stage is infancy, which approximates from birth to one year old. If the infants’ needs are properly cared by the parent, infants will not only develop trust and security , activities, and materials included in instruction programs must be definitely in consistent with each stage of development in order to result in success in personality and education life. In Erikson's theory, the stages of development process unfold as we go through life.

The outcome of our lives depends on the way we chose to progress throughout each stage in life.

Erikson had his own way in describing each stage in life that we all must go through.

Each stage will come to us whether or not we’re ready for them or not.

You can think of the stages as learning stages where crisis occur .

In the same manner, each stage of life is comprehendible in three levels, such as the body, ego, and family and culture. However, other characteristics such as trust, guilt and competency are learned based upon our life experiences and the support we receive as we grow and develop. Erik Erikson has developed a theory broken down into several different stages representing different stages of a persons life, and one of his stages is directly associated with the age of children who enter the school scene for the first time. He formulated his own theory of personality development.

Based upon his research, Erikson became aware of the influence maturation and social demands have on behavior and ultimately on our development. He projected that everyone goes through psychosocial stages rather than psychosexual stages as Freud proposed.

He won a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award for his book Gandhi's Truth.

He died May 12, 1994 in Harwich, Massachusetts (Cherry, 2014).


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