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Across the board individuals struggled to live, although the conditions had much improved from the beginning of the colonies.

Women in particular had a difficult time fitting into this patriarchal this society.

The nature of the fits and troubles of Katherine seems to prove this accusation. There were several instances that prove assumption.

Joseph Garnsey testified that he and Nathaniel Wyatt were at the Wescott’s house when Katherine had a convulsion. Spanos, Nicholas & Jack Gottlieb, "Egotism and the Salem Village witch trials", Science. Task Salem Witch Trial The book principally analyses medical explanations of bewitchment, a contentious topic that many differ with in their explanations.

In retrospect, the book is a must read for any undergraduate student of American History or Political Science. Salem Witch Trials (1692) Grade (April 22, Salem Witch Trials (1692) The Salem Witch Trials (1692) is one of the historical trials that have remained a symbol of the negative consequences of mass hysteria.

The insights it offers are indeed factual and one would relate them to the life of that period. The trials took place in the colonial Massachusetts, and by the end of the trial, approximately twenty eight people, most of them women had been sentenced to death and were consequently executed, while four others died in prison while still waiting for their trial, and more than one hundred were sentenced to long prison sentences (Roach, 2002). The accused witches were taken before appointed magistrates, literally questioned, with their accusers appearing in the courtrooms in a grand display of name calling screams and writhing of the supposed demonic spirit possessed young girls, which to the disbelief of many, were the complete evidence in the trials. Why did the witch scare happen mainly in Puritan New England?The......behaving contrary to their doctrinal beliefs, leading to the Salem witchcraft accusations. Belief in the dangers of supernatural powers had long been cultivated by the community, and that the challenges such as the after effects of the wars, smallpox epidemic, among......Salem exactly or that it was the only witchcraft trial of the period.On the surface, it may seem that these trials took place just because of accusations made by two young girls, but the main causes of Salem Witch Trials are quite doubtful in nature.Certain individuals believe that religious and political issues played a major role in causing the trials.The main reasons that caused the trials to take place are associated with the strange behaviors exhibited by Betty Parris and her cousin.These two young girls accused that Tituba an Indian slave and......These two ministers had just seen Katherine and had talked with her extensively.It is possible that they could have convinced her that her fits were a result of fiendish attack.When they feigned to cut her, her convulsion instantly ceased and she admitted that she was bewitched (Godbeer 55). Poisons of the Past: Molds, Epidemics, and History. Medical bewitchments were carried out during Salem Witch Trials since in......The testimony of Sarah Bates revealed the same thing—the questionable nature of Katherine’s fits. Salem exactly or that it was the only witchcraft trial of the period.


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