Essay About A Time You Had To Depend On Someone

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In other words, introverts generally prefer working alone because they find social interactions ‘draining’, whereas extroverts do not. If so, we can accomodate you’re preferences whatever they may be.

Unfortunately, in today’s workplace there is an inherent bias towards extroversion, with the increasing emphasis on ‘teamwork’, ‘group projects’, ‘working together’, – all of which are overrated in my opinion. The ‘forest is NOT REAL’ It’s what philosophers call a ‘word concept’. The real underlying problem in every workplace today is extroverted people pushing their extroversion onto introverted people.

Now, the reason why this question is tricky is because there really isn’t one “right” answer to give.

Does the employer want you to be a team player, and work with a group of employees, or do they prefer individuals who are more autonomous?

– everything revolves around people working together and sharing ideas and information continuously. I have a desk, executive chair, all my books, personal items, a laptop, a 32″ flatscreen, headphones, a small fridge. So, my advice is to explore how to make a situation similar to mine happen for you. I don’t mind groups, but so often it is done during professional development when it is politically incorrect not to “get in our group” and do some insane “team building” activity that usually I do not understand. It is simply a fact of life that all individuals are different because our life experiences are different.

Isn’t there any room left for the individual who just wants some peace and quiet in the day with minimal interruption? It’s not worth wasting our limited time on earth working in a way that makes us uncomfortable. Then some Poly Anna gets awarded the sparkling extravert prize. What was I supposed to get out of five people constructing a building out of soda straws and colored clay. The individual is shaped by his/her life experiences over the course of time.

Extroverted people can be exciting to be around, and their outgoing nature can make them quite likeable and amenable in a group setting.

All that aside, stating that you prefer to work on a team could potentially be misconstrued by a hiring manager.

If you’re an introvert, you can say that you generally enjoy working alone, but explain that you can also work well with others, too.

For example, “I really enjoy collaborating with a team and brainstorming ideas, but that doesn’t mean I can’t work independently to get things done.


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