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The story follows Daisy as she travels through Europe and encounters a number of compatriots who have become in many ways more European than the real Europeans: These resettled Americans are intent on enforcing the morality and mores of established (and in at least some ways antiquated) European communities. After describing various literature relationships, the authors analyze literature based on two approaches; intrinsic and extrinsic approaches.

Daisy is herself not so much intent on violating these established ways of behaving as she is inured to them. [Read More] Daisy Miller and American Culture hat is a literary work? The intrinsic approach relates to factors such as meter and rhythm while the extrinsic approach relates to factors such as society and author.

Authors often get inspired to create work based on the socioeconomic conditions surrounding them or the reality they face. Here the author identifies the most important issues facing teachers and educators in general and discusses these topics such as role of pop culture in school; the war waged by the new right wing movements on schools; and the implications of border crossings on academics. By taking a close look at his character, we can learn how he fails to make a correct judgment of Daisy and therefore fails to learn anything about himself or the society in which he lives.

This is why it has been frequently argued that most literary works are an image of what is happening in the society. Border Crossings: Cultural Workers and the Politics of Education. This paper will examine how interbourne succumbs to the attitudes of the people in Geneva despite his own inclinations and misjudges Daisy; thus forgoing the opportunity to become more of a man.

Why does James shift his setting from Switzerland to Italy? What is the purpose of having a narrator who comes from America but has lived so long in Europe? In addition to functioning as Winterborne's confidante, what other purpose does Mrs.

If Daisy's actions in going to the castle with Winterborne were innocent, why does he assume that her actions with Mr.

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How innocent is Daisy of the fact that she is being improper?

The second topic was Winterbourne as Scientific Historian.

Here, Winterbourne's nature of categorizing his subjects, such as the observations he inferred about Daisy, was explained.


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