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There are many benefits that play has for children; since giving them the time and space they need allows them to socialise with friends, gives them a sense of freedom, enhances self-esteem, provides children with self-awareness, it improves and maintains their physical health as children are constantly moving throughout play and allows them to increase their confidence.

Play encourages children’s imagination and creativity and gives them, regardless of background, abilities or parents income the chance to play alongside each other.

All children have a natural desire to play and will therefore play anywhere they are given the opportunity”, WCBC, (2013).

Play has absolutely altered since the 20TH century.

This basic idea is built on top of the theory that if gender is a natural given making in children’s play.

First, the essay will briefly introduce the concept of scaffolding and its importance in children’s development.This offers children the opportunity to make new friends and develop their social skills and aids a child’s learning as children learn to develop confidence, self-respect, co-operation and communication which is the key to reading, writing, maths and science.When children play alongside one another it promotes social cohesion.Since many of these games include blowing other people a part and shooting people up, children might get the wrong message and believe those actions are acceptable and imitate them in real life Melinda’s freshman year at Merrywhether High, she learns the importance of second chances through sports.In PE, the two sports that help Melinda cope with her trauma are basketball and tennis.This can develop through parents who are educated about play.“Play is what children want to do and what they choose to do when given the freedom, independence, time and space to determine their own behaviour.Also to maybe include recommendation of what video games are not recommended for students according to their age.Violent video games may be a negative influence in a child life.They will not value play as a ‘crucial’ part of learning.As an alternative of allowing their children to play they would force them to be seated all day and work.


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