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[tags: General Motors, Automotive industry] - When a company has endured tough competition, it is important to have established steps for accomplishing greater opportunities within an industry.If problems within a company are not handled accordingly, it will result in the termination of a company.

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[tags: Physician, Medical school, General practitioner] - On June 1st 2009, General Motors entered bankruptcy protection and has been fighting there way back ever since.

In November of 2010, they sold a portion of their stock holdings and bought them all back by the end of 2012 allowing the company greater financial flexibility (General Motors, 2016). and 9.8 million of those were cars and trucks manufactured by General Motors (Automotive Industry Spotlight, 2016)....

General Motors is in the business of designing, manufacturing and selling a variety of vehicles to consumers at a global scale.

Its corporate strategy focuses on creating and sustaining loyal customers to the GM brands.

The present day medical school trains you to know all kinds of medicine, then when you get into your residency, you have the option of focusing on a specialty.

You also have the option to continue with general medicine and learn a little bit of all types of illnesses and injuries....

These types of leaders play a big part in making sure that things get done in an effective and functioning manner.

According to the Army Doctrine ADP 6-0, the Army over time has strayed away from operational leaders and adapted Mission Command, which gives leaders the ability at the lowest level the capability to exercise disciplined initiative in an act of carrying out the larger mission ....

At its inception, “GM held only the Buick Motor Company, but within just a few short years they would acquire more than 20 companies including Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and Oakland, today known as Pontiac”(GM).

In doing so, General Motors became an automotive manufacturing powerhouse....


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