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What about public education and the possible loop holes in curriculum being over looked by board officials and parents.The need for new technology in our schools, more schools, class room size the whole nine yards.When one strives to ameliorate the conditions of race relations, one must target their specific needs, build on their flaws, and improve their character.

What about public education and the possible loop holes in curriculum being over looked by board officials and parents.

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These same powerful people were the ones who most likely hired the team of criminals who kidnapped my brothers and me, leaving us with agonizing and painful memories.

My parents were forced to hire psychologists to help alleviate the trauma that remains with us to this day.

In my own neighborhood no one really says hi, or introduces themselves, nor does it seem that they care too. It seems harder than ever before to even strike up a conversation with someone let alone to come to an understanding of what is really going on in our own backyards.

Aurora, like many Communities has city council meetings that all citizens can attend.

All of these things effect you and I and the mass populist of Auroranites who probably don’t even know enough too care.

My broad involvement in the community, both on the local and international level, has impacted its many diverse cultures in a positive manner.This was my chance to get back at injustice in the world, and bring about a difference, for a change.I founded a nonprofit corporation in the State of Florida in hope of maintaining a respected status and recognized mission, and started collecting shoes in every school and corner I could put a box in. Shoes4Africa, Inc ( is a non-for-profit organization that I founded last summer.It would educate them on the many things they had missed out about religion and Jewish tradition.Most importantly, we bring together hundreds of teens every Saturday into groups and teams of their own ages (In addition to field trips and weekend-long camping experiences).After this harrowing experience how could I not be enraged enough to understand that I had to do something to moderate the world in which I live.In the summer of 2006, reviewing the life experiences that hunted me and the calamitous situation in which many lived where I came from, I moved to change those aspects that were most apparent to me.Thinking big, to start small, I came across an idea that had been passed through me in different stages of my life- world poverty.I did see it with my own eyes in Venezuela, but I read about it and studied it thoroughly having arrived to America.So we can give our children the education each and every one of them deserve.How and why certain monies get distributed in all facets in taxed payer spending.


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