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On the contrary, it conjures a fantasy of comfort, luxury, and size, a house that might suddenly appear by rubbing Aladdin's magic lamp.

In this sense, a person says that someday he will build his dream house. great photography and meticulous descriptions of the exquisite details." The photographs rarely include people, and certainly not the celebrity homeowners.

The expense is rarely mentioned, partly because it is obvious, but more because the dream does away with practical concerns. The description is realistic, minutely detailed, and loaded with adjectives.

The granite countertop is polished, the fireplace mantel is veined marble, the ceramic tile is imported from Italy, and the wood floor is reclaimed oak from a demolished mill.

The most telling sign of status is where a person lives.

Those who strike it rich can afford their dream house, and turn fantasy into reality. In an essay called "Among the Ruins" about three twentieth-century writers, Bruce Chatwin writes: "On the island of Capri there lived three narcissists who each built a house on the edge of a cliff.

Built in 1874 of multicolored brick, stone and wood, the house is described as Victorian Gothic.

It was gorgeously redecorated and enlarged in1881, to a total of 11,500 square feet. This period was the happiest and most productive of Twain's life, when he wrote his classic novels and raised three daughters.

An industry of books and shelter magazines testifies to the popularity of this domestic daydream. the year's most celebrated homes from the most accomplished designers. That would disrupt the dream, in which the magazine reader is the happy inhabitant.

Hanley Wood, for example, publishes which describes itself as an "annual showcase of our finest designs. The text reinforces the subliminal message, inviting the reader on a tour, and implying that all this can be yours. There is nothing unclear about the drawings and photographs.


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