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When I got out of college I know I had a memorable day in my life. Each moment spent in a college is worth-living, worth-enjoyable and worth-remembering. I was allotted Roll number and I was proud of being the student of Govt. My first day at college was a blend of joy, excitement, fear and surprise. offered my Fajr prayer and recited the verses of the Holy Quran.A College is dreamland of every student’s educational life and career. The first day at college is really very special and memorable for every student. In fact, the joys and freedom that were a dream in School became a reality in college. have never been able to forget my first day at college. I took breakfast, wore the college uniform and got ready to go to the college, my father dropped me at the College gate.My first-day entry in college always fascinates me. It was a special way of welcoming the new students to the college. In the end, we were served refreshment and had an official photograph with the Worthy Principal and Our Professors. In most of the classes, teacher-student introduction activity took place. We realized that the college had very learned, experienced and devoted Professors. It was indeed an opening to a new life of freedom and pleasure. When I was returning home, all the memories of my first day at College came to my mind. I had entered the college to gain knowledge and wisdom and to become a good citizen. Right from my first day, every day spent in College was full of colorful events.

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I was greatly impressed by the college discipline and our new teachers.

As usual, when the cat is out, the rats are free; we talked and cracked jokes after the lecturers had left the room.

She welcomed us and congratulated us for opening a new chapter in life.

Then she told us about the college and its traditions.

I was three years old and I still remember the day I first went to school.

My father came to drop me to my classroom and helped me to get familiar with my teacher and class.The moment stepped into the College an exciting environment attracted me. Matriculation marks a definite stage of education in Pakistan. First-year Fool.” Indeed I felt awkward and behaved like a villager in a town, on first visit.Many give up education; do jobs and enter into the practical stream of life. She also guided me to my classroom 1st-year section B. The Christian students offered their prayer separately.On the first day when I entered the college gate, I was very nervous. The stories of the first year fool rang into my ears.I was stepping hesitantly towards the main building of the college when a boy older than I offered me help.The life at college seemed a whiff of a cool breeze after spending a tough life at school.The life at college seemed a period of permanent joy and freedom.As I came out of the hall, I felt greatly elated to be a college student. After the third period, there was recess for half an hour.Now, we opened winged, mixed up and made new friends. I went to the canteen with my new friends, Hira and Zeba and shared snacks.Then the elderly person came to the lectern and informed the boys that they had been befooled by the senior students.He then introduced himself as vice principal and welcomed the boys to the college.


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